It is imperative to ensure a smooth booking and salon experience that you read carefully prior to booking an appointment.

** Deposit Required for all services, and after 2 hour grace period your service will be cancelled/declined**

Still have questions???

Booking Related

Q: I can't find the exact service I want, what should I do?

A: Schedule a client consultation, and leave description of services desired in the notes section.  If you would like a more immediate response, text "SOS NEED HELP SVC" to (786) 375-1838 and I will call/text back to assist you as soon as possible.

** I apologize for any inconvenience in advance I know we all lead busy lives, if you experience an issue booking services click here.***

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: You must call/text your cancellation in personally 24 hours or more in advance.  However, you can easily go online and cancel any appointments on your own at any time.

**Please be advised, if your an existing client and you repeatedly have late cancellations a deposit will be required upon each appointment going forward. **

Q: I do not have a debit/credit card as well as PayPal to pay deposit, what should I do?

A: Deposits are now strictly required, and if you are not able to secure Deposits via PayPal/Cashapp please ask a friend/family member that you know uses these applications to assist you with securing your appointment, as any appointment that is not secured with deposit after two hour grace period will be cancelled.

Q: I booked and paid my deposit for a specific date and something has unexpectedly occurred, can I get my deposit refunded?

A: If your unexpected incident occurred less than 24 hours prior to your service, unfortunately no refunds will be given, but you can receive credit towards a rescheduled appointment. 

Q: What happens if I arrive on time, and the stylist is running late or behind, do I get my deposit back?

A: I completely understand your time is just as valuable as mine, and I strive to stay on task; so I am operating within my timing parameters, however when it comes to hair or beauty, sometimes things occur beyond my control, I will communicate any timing conflicts with you prior to  your service, and it is your discretion to honor the appointment or not at that point.  If you do decide to no longer receive services at that point, however in an effort to accommodate you Keisha B. will give 50% of the deposit back as a one time courtesy. 

Q:  Do I have to pay a deposit every time I book an appointment?

A: Yes, deposits are required prior to all services booked.

Q: I'm not sure what the service I want is called or not sure what style I want, what should I do?

A: It is recommended that if you are unsure of the style you are looking for to go into your local beauty supply store and try on wigs to see what you feel looks best on you, or google images of hairstyles that you have been considering.  *** Please be realistic with yourself and your hair as Keisha B. is a hairstylist, not a magician. ***

Q: I booked an appointment and it was declined, due to no deposit, can I be a walk in?

A: No, sorry unless you have spoken with Keisha B. personally and she has advised you to walk in, please book all appointments online. 

Custom Wig Related

Q: How do I order my own custom wig?

A: You can order your own hand sewn custom unit here  and then select or book the "Custom Wig Consultation"  and briefly fill in your information.  *** Be advised there is a $50 deposit required to secure your consultation.***  

Q: I booked the wig consultation and paid my deposit now what?

A: We will conduct your consultation either in person, via FaceTime, Marco Polo, or Skype at the scheduled time you select, and during the consultation please ask any and all questions you may have regarding your custom wig at that time.

*** It is advised to have a few questions ready prior to your consultation to ensure all your inquiries are addressed at that time***

Q: How do I know that the wig will fit me perfectly, when I am not there to try it on?

A: Your custom unit will be made with your provided measurements, and during the "wig consultation" we will go over in detail, how to ensure you are providing the most accurate measurements to prevent your unit from not fitting you perfectly once you receive your custom hand sewn unit, if you receive the unit and it doesn't fit you comfortably you are always welcome to send it back in for adjustments.

Q: I do not live in South Florida, and I would like to have a wig made, how will that work?

A;Once you book your "Wig Consultation"  You can order your custom wig and have it shipped to any location.  

Q: How does the layaway process work to order a custom wig?

A:You will be provided up to 4 payment packages for your custom unit, and you select the payment schedule package that best suits you and your financial comfort.

Q: Can I have a wig made and installed the same day?

A: Yes,  you can if you are providing your own hair for the unit.  If you can not provide the hair and  need a unit, there is  a 48 to 72 time frame for express orders. 

Q: How long does it take to make each custom unit?

A: Each unit requires approximately 1 week to be fully constructed, however if there are other units in queue prior to your desired unit you will be made aware of that during the wig consultation.

Q: Can I give the gift of a custom unit to a friend and how?

A: Yes you can! Whilst most women do not like such a custom gift given without their consent or customization tips, you can simply book the "wig consultation" here  and leave gift in the note description along with brief details regarding the gift, pay $50 wig consultation deposit, and I will conduct wig consultation on the person receiving the gift of the unit, once the consultation is finished, I will then let you providing the gift of the wig know exactly how much the cost of the gifted unit will be,

*** If you would like to completely surprise the person with the gift of a custom unit, you can do so by purchasing a gift card with the estimated wig cost ($350 - $1500) and I will personally contact the person to schedule wig consultation with the lucky person; any overage cost or adjustments will be refunded or requested prior to wig construction**

Q: What if I change my mind during layaway process, and decide I no longer want the unit, can I get a refund?

A: Yes/No, if you decide after your wig consultation and prior to any work being performed on your custom unit, yes you can however the deposit fees are final and non-refundable; if you decide after wig consultation, and during construction of your custom unit (you will be notified prior to any work being performed) no, there will be no refund issued at that time.

Q: How do I know the wig will fit me and what if it doesn't?

A: In the unlikely event you receive your unit and the fit is not comfortable for you, please notify me as soon as possible, and we can make shipping and fitting arrangements together.  The shipping costs will be complimentary for the first adjustments only, if there are additional adjustments/alterations all shipping and any additional fees will be communicated in advance.

Q: What if I get the unit and I do not like it, can I get a refund?

A: All custom units are made with your instructions, and your desired finish results in mind,  unfortunately custom wig making is a form of artistry and my interpretation may not suit your preference, we can definitely work together as far as alterations or minor adjustments, however ALL wig sales are final and no refunds will be provided after custom wig has been fully constructed.

*** I would like to advise, if you are trying a new hairstyle it is best to go to your local beauty supply and try on more inexpensive wigs similar to the style you would like prior to purchasing your very own custom unit***

Q: How long will the custom unit last?

A: All wigs are shipped with care and repair instructions.  Typically your custom unit will last 1 - 3 years with minimal at home maintenance, therefore if you take optimum care of your unit it should lasts up to 5 years!!

** I have personally worn a few of my wigs over 4 years and counting!!!**

Q: Can I have the wig installed and styled for me?

A: Yes, all custom units are styled as personally requested, however if you would like to have your wig installed you would have to schedule wig installation services here.

Mobile Service Related

Q: Do you provide mobile services all over Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach?

A;  Yes I do, mobile services are available all over the south Florida area for an additional fee, along with your desired service.

Miami Dade: $25 additional

Broward: $30 additional

Palm Beach : $35 additional

I am also willing to travel to your state outside of Florida, and arrangements can be made prior to your service date.  If your interested in mobile services outside of south Florida scroll down to "Mobile Glam" section on the booking site, and book the appropriate service location. 

**If the location you are interested in is not available please submit inquiry here.**

Q: Is there a deposit required for mobile services?

A: Yes, there is.  Please select the location where the services will be provided and pay the amount listed, and that is your deposit - there is no other deposit required, however mobile fees are not transferrable into service cost.

Q: What if I change my mind about mobile services, and choose to come to the  salon instead?

A: That is absolutely fine, as long as you communicate that in a timely manner (24 hours in advance).  Your deposit and mobile service fees will be transferred into your service total, and if any additional credit is due, it will be provided at time of service. 

Q: What happens if you refuse the service after arrival?

A: I reserve the right to refuse service if for any reason, I feel unsafe or uncomfortable for any reason, if by any chance that does happen credits/refunds will be determined at that time depending upon the circumstances at the time.

Q: Can I book mobile services with you for my wedding?

A: Yes, I do provide on site wedding hair and makeup services for brides and entire wedding party if needed.  All weddings are unique, so please go to contact section to inquire on pricing.

Q: Do you provide mobile services for disabled or elderly women?

A: Yes, if you or someone you love is not able to personally come into the salon, I would love to accommodate your fiend/family with hair care services.

*** Please be advised if the person needing mobile hair care services requires any form of extra assistance, there needs to be a person present to accommodate those requests.*** 

Q: Will you travel to different cities/states as well?

A: Yes, I am also willing to travel to your city, however you must schedule a client consultation prior to booking any services outside of the South Florida area.